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Henkäys Full of unheard words.

Henkäys is a Finnish poetry site created in March 2012, which currently has over 600 archived poems.

Some of the poems have English translations which you can access by clicking the button on top right corner of each poem (if new ones are lacking it, I'm just adding 'em later).

To see the translated poems in proportion to the actual count, look below Arkisto (Archive). I'm working on it!

Hey, I'm Kettu! You might also know me as Varjoalitajunta, if you've happened to roll around the virtual world. I enjoy e.g. travelling, music, good company, art in many forms, gaming and movie nights. I'm usually found on PC, near a controller or wondering around the world.

I use they/them pronouns.

The book

I have, in fact, translated the whole deal. The book itself is only in Finnish, but the English version does exist on this site - it's currently hidden, and behind an ask (feel free to poke me and you shall get the link).



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